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tudies and communication formats are tailored to the organizationís needs in terms of focus, interaction, time horizon and detail.



Strategic studies and special projects

Strategic studies address a wide range of business and government issues. These include determining what to expect and how to deal with changing domestic and international environments, planning for expansion and repositioning for new sources of growth, examining specific markets, customers and distribution, competitive analysis, technology issues, and assessing targets of opportunity. Financial analyses may address M&A, cost analysis, financial projections, financial market conditions or financial risks.


Public policy studies

Public policy assignments include cost-benefit analyses, determining the impacts of broad or specific government policies, regulations or proposals and assistance in formulating and publicizing the organizationís positions.


Futures studies

Futures studies systematically examine potential developments that could significantly impact the organization, its focus and its success. Futures studies may deal with the organization, its markets and customers, the industry, and economic, social, political, and technological issues. A wide range of evidence is considered. Careful attention is give to far reaching changes, to mechanisms behind the changes and to consequences that may not be recognized.


Risk management

Risk management assistance identifies and analyzes business and financial risks, quantifies impacts and develops responses. Risks can be addressed for particular businesses, markets, products, government actions or financial arrangements. Risk management can be examined comprehensively for the organization or for components and can be integrated with strategic planning.


Conference speaking and reports

Services include presentations at company meetings and retreats, background reports for meetings and conferences, meeting facilitation and speaking at executive and professional conferences. Occasions may involve planning or marketing, executive education or commemorative events.